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In this section, a client-side script is provided to offer information about the current day and the next school or exam day. This JavaScript program relies on input data concerning school holidays, days off, and exam days.

  1. Start of the School Year Date (updateStartOfYearDate): This variable can be modified to reflect the actual start date of the school year. For example, if the school year starts on September 1st, 2024, the client can change the date like this: 
    var updateStartOfYearDate = new Date("2024-09-01");
  2. List of Days Off (updateListOfDaysOff): This list contains pairs of dates and descriptions of days off. The client can add, remove, or modify days off and their descriptions. Each date should be in the format "YYYY-MM-DD", and the description can be any string. For example, to add another day off on December 1st, 2024, with the description "National Holiday", the client can do this:
    var updateListOfDaysOff = [
        new Date("2024-05-12"), "Parent-Teacher Conferences",
        new Date("2024-10-04"), "Fall Break",
        new Date("2024-12-01"), "National Holiday"

  3. List of Exams (updateListOfExams): This list contains pairs of dates and descriptions of exams. Similar to the list of days off, the client can add, remove, or modify exams and their descriptions. For example, to add another exam on June 15th, 2024, with the description "Mathematics Exam", the client can do this: 
    var updateListOfExams = [
        new Date("2024-05-13"), "Final Exam for Subject X",
        new Date("2024-10-05"), "Final Exam for Subject Y",
        new Date("2024-06-15"), "Mathematics Exam"


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Load the bus - people donating school supplies
Load the Bus coming in August!

Join school divisions from across the Roanoke Valley at the Roanoke area Walmart stores on August 2, 3 & 4 to collect school supplies for students in need!

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Mural by NHS student Elena Morales on display in downtown Roanoke

A painting by Elena Morales, a rising Senior from Northside High School, was selected as the winner of the Western Virginia Water Authority Mural Art Contest.  Her work was reproduced as a 24-foot x 35-foot mural on the west side of the Authority’s Administrative building at 601 S. Jefferson Street. 

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Northside High School

 The Virginia Department of Education is hosting a series of Commonwealth Conversations to give parents, educators, and community members the opportunity to share their thoughts on the best ways to achieve cell phone-free education in Virginia and address the increasing evidence of the impact cell phone and social media usage has on youth mental health and education performance. 

On July 9, Governor Glenn Youngkin issued Executive Order 33 to establish cell phone-free education to promote the health and safety of Virginia’s K-12 students. Executive Order 33 directs the VDOE to provide guidance to school boards on cell phone-free education policies and procedures. School boards will establish local